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Zenstra Bio-Health Zen1®
Zenstra Bio-Health Zen1®
Zenstra Bio-Health Zen1®
Zenstra Bio-Health Zen1®
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Zen1 is our mood support formula, containing geniposide. Geniposide is a relatively recently discovered natural compound, extracted from the fruits of Gardenia jasminoides. Zen1 combines geniposide with 6 other ingredients which research suggests can help to support the functioning of central serotonergic pathways associated with mood.* A number of these ingredients can also be beneficial for maintaining composure and mental clarity, among other benefits.*

Further details on the Zen1 formula can be found on the scientific research page.


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Isabel Stünitz
Immer noch großartig

Dies ist bereits meine 3. Bestellung der ZEN-Tabletten. Absolut empfehlenswert!

Elsie Ledger
My favourite supplement 5*

These supplements have massively improved my wellbeing through times that I have felt stressful. They massively help with brain fog, allowing me to get through the day with much more energy and an overall more optimistic view on life. I can’t thank the team at Zenstra enough for these life changing supplements

Life Changer

I am so happy that a friend recommended Zen 1 to me, this has been a game changer, for my mental and emotional health and has reduced anxiety, enhanced mental focus and clarity and general feeling of wellbeing.

Eugenie O'Brien
Great product

Bought zen 1 for myself and my daughter and we bought havd found it has really helped us deal with our stress . I find this a great company to deal with and all their products are excellent.

Definitely recommend Zen 1

I take 1 a day. I didn't notice any immediate effect, but after a few days there was a gradual improvement in overall mood & reduction in stress levels. For me the gradual change was preferential to something that has an immediate effect, which can result in ups & downs, whereas with Zen 1 you're on an even keel.

Michael W

hi. I take Zen1 tablets occasionally on days when I feel it is required.. and honestly it does the job. Calms me to the level I can cope with negative emotions created by stressful situations mainly at work 😁

James Mckay

Zen1 I take each day definitely have a calming effect great product I definitely recommend

carol ann o toole


Adam Baines
Brilliant products

Absolutely love these the lift they give you is amazing,perfect for anyone whos struggling mentally,for me they really lift my mood when im feeling down getting ready for my bodybuilding shows due to diet and tiredness,these definitely are a game changer for me all the best

Andy Ho
Zen1 - Second order.

Helps me with my mood & stress.